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09 September 2012

DuNia BaRu Ku BeRMuLa :)

assalamualaikum w.b.t buat semua shabat2 yg sedang membaca entri ini.

hmm,,alhmdulillah,, now im a degree student of phrmacy course in UiTM Puncak Alam
actually, we had finished our MDS which means "Minggu Destini Siswa" on 6 sept 2012.

in this 6 days for thid MDS i learnt so many, i realize im not a little girl anymore..
im big enough,, a lot of thing,, i should know how to handle n i must to make my own decision in any situation...not like before,always hope to my parents..too pampered i am..

please pray for me okayh.. im little bit culture shock here.. n now,, im refreshing back my jiwa raga..
i hope i can found the best sahabat here that can always support me when im down..

okayh,, thats all for now.. tomorrow,, my class is begin ~ yeahh!
rabbi yassir wala tuassir :)

miss blog~

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