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24 February 2013

More Felt Craft

assalamualaikum semua ..

alhmdulillah.. dpt mnghasilkan felt craft lg..
hmm,,ternyata tk semudh yng dijangka..

ambil masa yg lame jugk ye nk siapkn nye..
hadoi.,, skit urat2,,.

ni antara hasilnya..
the latest

Pizza keychain adik;s

Pizza n Donut keychain adik's

Donut Keychain.. adik's

Vase keychain

Domo Kun Keychain

Hello Kitty Keychain

Flowery Ball Keychain

my little stuff

Vase, Flowery Ball, Hello Kitty, n Domo kun Keychain

ok,, itu saje buat masa ni..
sape nk??..

rase mcm nk buat bisnes pulak..
tpi layak ke ni..

ok lah,, asalamualaikum..
jumpa lg nti di entry seterusnya.. :)


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23 February 2013

My Little Cutie Craft

assalamualaikum semuaaa :) :) :D
hmm,, semoga ceria2 selalu ye sahabat sume..

setelah sekaian lama,, xtawu nk update ape dah.. buntu.. kih3
alhmdulillah,, tercetus jugak idea..
ya! hari ni tawu dh nk update ape ... hehehe...

huhu,, seronok sgt dh ade hobby baru !~ 
rasenye sume pon dpt agak dh an.. :D


Homemade Craft from fabric felt n ribbon 

actually,, lame sgt dh miss blog nk buat bnda alah ni..
cumanya tak tawu nk beli kt mane..

at last,, my auntie suggestkan kt mane boleh dpt..
so,, ape lg..~
senyum lebaarrrr laahh..

ok,,  kt sini miss blog nk share lah hasilnya,, 
xde lah berapa cntik sgt .. 
still learnig.. :)  hhehe

flowery keychain 

cutie brooches

big n litlle cutie brooches

all my handmade craft

flowery keychain

all my first handmade craft 

hehe,,, just for fun ! :)


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05 February 2013

NicE WeeKenD

assalamualaikum semua bloggers n readers :)
hope everybody are fine 

hmm,, alhmdulillah,, just want to share my feelings with u alls..
feel very happy cause i can drive on the road now after a long time i didnt drive since i got the P licence.

huhu,, my dad now trust on me for letting me drove to KEDAH, my village yesterday..
im so glad !! hehehe.. :D

im not too bad .. :) 
although yesterday,, alittle bit more i just want to 'kiss' the car in front of us.
alhmdulillah, nothing happen..Allah cares on us along the journey..

yess,, this is my dad's car
i just can drive his car .. hehe

hmm, i got a new experience
n wat i thought along our journey is,, 
""what kind of vehicle that i will get from Allah to passby the TITIAN SIRAT ??""

i keep wondering till now. hhmm :(
do i will go through it by CRAWLING,WALKING n so on..
nauzubillah.. i don want to fall from it..
i want to pass it n enter to jannah Allah.. inshaAllah,, amin..

ok,, i think thats all from now..
later i will continue updating my blog ok :)
peace (n_n)


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