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14 February 2014

REsuLt Exam SEM 3

assalamualaikum semuaa!morning ~ :)

alhmdulillah,,pg td result exam dah kuar,, rase nak nanges je lpas tgok result exam untuk sem 3 yg lepas tdi.. SYUKUR sangat3, pointer naik sikit dan still above 3.0 .. walaupon xdpt dean list, its okay.. :)
Thanks to Allah so muccchh ! im very happy because none of the subjects got failed..
alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..

but in the same time, i must to workhard for the next sem and the next sem forward to get a good GPA .. yeaahh~ i must struggle more,, no relax2 okay.. keep it up !! those who workhard, Allah will help them..

n of course,, the grades for all subjects did not same as i targeted.. some are unexpected, n some very unexpected.. hahaha,, remember to myself,, these are the best for me that Allah had gave me, He know the best for us.. He will give what we should have instead of giving what we want.. :))))

i think that's all from now, thank u :)

salam sayang dari,

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