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05 February 2013

NicE WeeKenD

assalamualaikum semua bloggers n readers :)
hope everybody are fine 

hmm,, alhmdulillah,, just want to share my feelings with u alls..
feel very happy cause i can drive on the road now after a long time i didnt drive since i got the P licence.

huhu,, my dad now trust on me for letting me drove to KEDAH, my village yesterday..
im so glad !! hehehe.. :D

im not too bad .. :) 
although yesterday,, alittle bit more i just want to 'kiss' the car in front of us.
alhmdulillah, nothing happen..Allah cares on us along the journey..

yess,, this is my dad's car
i just can drive his car .. hehe

hmm, i got a new experience
n wat i thought along our journey is,, 
""what kind of vehicle that i will get from Allah to passby the TITIAN SIRAT ??""

i keep wondering till now. hhmm :(
do i will go through it by CRAWLING,WALKING n so on..
nauzubillah.. i don want to fall from it..
i want to pass it n enter to jannah Allah.. inshaAllah,, amin..

ok,, i think thats all from now..
later i will continue updating my blog ok :)
peace (n_n)


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