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21 January 2011

GeRik FreNzZ~!

Assalamualaikum everybody...
now,, i want to story mory bout my GERIK FRENZZ...coz of her request..hee....i know that all of u know who is she...right??..she is Puteri 'Aisyah Megat our school ,,she is a prefect,, not only a prefect, she also a PKU 1,,haa..looks great right?..all of us love her so much..shes very kind n polite gurlzz..her voice also very nice,,we all feel calm when she reading Al-Quran...shes loves Tilawah and Tarannum...besides,,,she also loves to make a joke...very funny..shes very cool..she can face any probs patiently..shes also very simple her so muchh!!!..

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2 BuDaK BaiK:

Ya 'Aisyah said...

woi..hahah..padam gmbr uh!....
buruk nk mati..malulah sy..")

maseh madie..")specel ny..:)
syg dikau!

~::ChyNta MeDic::~ said...

hehehe...comel ape...:P

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