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01 February 2011

oN 31/1/11~~!!!

yesterday English Class,Sir Raja Zatimi teach us about describing things in Shape, Colour n Material..hmm,,,
awesome ,right??..maybe its look like an easy matter...but actually,,,in our life sometimes we dont know how to descibe something...hmm,, very interesting~!..Sir brought us around the college and describe any things that we have see in Shape, Colour n Material..Intriguing!!!!!~~...i love this session...n after that,,, He taught us about Giving an Instruction...we learn how  to give an instruction..He gave us an Alert Test...thats mean everybody must listen carefully what the ingredients n instructions to make the Almonds Cookies...then,,must write it on the paper...hmm,, mostly the ingredients maybe different for us to hear it..haha...very fun~!!..thats all for now..thank u~!!('',!..

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