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01 March 2011

1st MaRch 2011~!!

todays english class was began at 11 a.m....this is bcoz our sir,SIR RAJA ZATIMI has to settle down a,,while waiting for him,,we completed our works...

a few minutes later,,sir came into the class...we glad to see him again...he looks like have a problem.
but i saluted him bcoz he put side his problem n continued taught for todays lesson...

so,,juz now,,we disscussed about the characters of ASTRO BOY...n also the moral values from the movie..
so impressive!!!...

Sir related all of that in our humans being..yah!!..i can see it...totally same in our lives..
apart from that,,,i learn..,,we must to thankful to ALLAH that create us with various amazing characteristics
in each of us...all of us are perfect,,all of us are intelligent,,all of us are beautiful,,

but,,,are we used all that we have kindly??..its depend on ourselves either want to be a GOOD person or 
want to be an EVIL person....

so,,,think bout it carefully ...the important is we must accept the truth~!..
we must face all the fate bravely....

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2 BuDaK BaiK:

Ya 'Aisyah said...

tersenetuh saye..
bagus madie..")
teruskan bercerita ye..
saye sronok mendengarnye..")

luv u!

~::ChyNta MeDic::~ said...

yes dear....thanx for read it...
if u happy i also happy...

luve u put!!",

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