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03 March 2011

Summarising n paraphrasing...~~!!!

todays english class we learned bout 
"How to Summarise n paraphrase the sentences.."
so,,, i want to share to all of u...!!
it is very important for success at University....

paraphrase ---> rewrite the main idea from a        source in your own words without losing its

juz now we were practising how to paraphrase some sentences....

for EXAMPLES:::>

1. He is working hard at it
paraphrase : He is doing his best towards it

2. He is testing it accurately
paraphrase : He examines it precisely

3. He is mad at his boss
paraphrase : He is angry at his superior

4. The weather is really cold at the moment
paraphrase : the current weather is extremely chilly

5. The little boy is very sad
paraphrase : The kid is extremely unhappy

6. Who is that man?where does he come from?
paraphrase : Who is that guy?where is his hometown?

7. The latest movie is a hit in our country
paraphrase : The new movie is a top rated in our country 

okayh....i hope u can understand and use it well....
let have a try...:)

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2 BuDaK BaiK:

Ya 'Aisyah said...

thanks madie..
wlupn sy,,rse mcm dh dtg..*apetu?
mggu dpn jgn lupe citer n ajar lagi..
sronok sy tgk yg ni..")
nt,,smpaikan slm sy pd sir okai?..hehe

~sayang dikau!~_^

~::ChyNta MeDic::~ said...

insyaAllah....nanty aq kirim salam kt sir...

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