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23 March 2011

rEsULt SPM toDay!!!

huh~!...finally SPM candidates 2010 got our result just now...
at first,,,,came to school...we were very nervous,,,u know??
bcome crazy...~!!!...:P

so scared to know what we get...
at 11 a.m...our PK Hem gave her speech...
then she called the best students who get 12As,,11As,,n 10As..
I as this batch,,,batch 46 very proud of my frenzz..although 
im not one of them..hehe...
thank u Allah,,,,i got 6As...from 12 subjects..

for this year,,,alhamdulillah,,,
12 students got straight As..
thanks to Allah...!
syukran jazilan...

well done to all SPM candidates!!!..
from all school in malaysia!!!..

all da best in your future!!...

NothInG Is iMpOsSibLe!!!

SIx of Us :)
BesTfRieNd 4 eVeR

miss blog~

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