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23 May 2012

my cUte SimpLe CaKe ^^

assalamualaikum everybody... =)
okayh,for this entry i want to story mory a little bit about what i have done 2day..

yeah,,of course n for sure.. about my simple cake... ^_^
yummy !

actually,, so bored for the whole day..i have done all my chores
so,absolutely,,i decided to make a cake...
coz of what?...coz it is my hobby..i love to make a cake..

hmm,,sometimes, i wish that i want to build a bakery shop one day..hehe
but,,i also interested in science field in pharmacy course..hmm..
keep thinking for that..and confiused..

what im going to be???...huh?.i dont know.. =(
only Allah know what is the best, i think just be what we want to be..
there is a good way in anything we are in..

opss,,quite long...
okayh..this is my cake..enjoy watch this photos.. ^_^

very simple.. no topping,just a cake.. =)

but very soft like sponge...

n marvellous...

nice right?..hehe

we also can cut it into cube cute

easy to eat...

n ready to eat..nyum2

okayh,,u can try it...very simple.

here i give u the ingredient n step to make this cake..
(translate bm plak eh,senang sikit..huhu)

Bahan2 : 
1 1/2 cawan majerin/butter
1 1/2 cawan gula pasir/castor
2 cawan tepung gandum
4 biji telur
1/2 cawan air suam

untuk warna2 tu..guna lah pewarna yg dibenarkan...kalo saye,pink tu.guna pati sirap ros ..coklat plak,gune serbuk koko

Cara2 :
1. putar majerin bersama dengan gula smpai gebu
2. masukkan telur satu demi satu dan putar sehingga sehingga sebati
3. masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit,,putar lagi sehinga sebati
4. masukkan air suam dan putar lagi sehingga sebati
*bnyaknye sbati..hahah..mesti lah kena sebati..kalo tak ,,xjadi taw
5. asingkan bancuhan ke dalam tiga bekas..bahagi sama rata..
6. bekas 1,biarkn begitu...bekas 2,cmpur sedikit serbuk koko..bekas 3, tuangkn sedikit sirap ros..*okayh,bhgian ni...korang nk buat warna ape pon xkesah...depend lah ok ^^
7. tuangkan bancuhan bekas 1 ke dalam loyang yg telah disapu majerin
8. tuangkan bancuhan bekas 2 di atasnya
9. tuangkan bancuhan bekas 3 di atas sekali
10. kukus selama 45 minit

okayh...senang je kan....

selamat mencuba !
pstt..jgn lupa selawat smbil masak...pasti uhm!..

miss blog~

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