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14 May 2011

D0mO KuN !!! =)

assalamualaikum all bloggers n readers~~
huhu~ alhamdulillah blog dah ley bukak~ ^_^
before this punye la takot,ingat an xley bukak daahh...haiiyy000

haha~,, as a sudden i l0ikee d0m0 ! <3
i have being addicted of that!!~ d0m0 is CUTE!!~

at first,,,only my member,SYIKA., l0ve d0m0 s0 mucchhh!~
but n0w,,she have partner!!thats me!

haha,,, "WELOVEDOMO!!" :p

okayh,,here i sh0w u our DOMO!`

aha! bef0re that,,d0m0 als0 l0ve NUTELLA & MACAR00NS,okayh!

~domo's love~

~d0m0 eating~

~d0m0 love nutella~

~ d0m0 love macaroons~

miss blog~

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