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07 May 2011

USIM !! WaiT foR Me!!~ ^_^

assalamualaikum to all my bel0ved bloggres n readers... =)
alhamduliillah,,,im happy right now...

than you ALLAH~!!... i l0ve u ALLAH~!
thanx to all yg bg s0k0ngn ...
thanx a l0t guys !!~

s0,,,full stop.! i want t0 make a decision that i will fly to USIM
to further my study in course of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY...

insyaAllah,, miss blog akn belajar bersungguh2!!,,
serta menegakkn ajaran ISLAM ~

pray for my success ^_^

i want to b a g00d muslimah n also a g00d mujahidah..

miss blog~

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3 BuDaK BaiK:

Nazihah@Jiha said...

Assalamualaikum..tahniah dik^^
akak doakan yg terbaik!

^_^ MardhiahQaisara said...

kak jiha ::: thanx kak !~ =)

anaiha yusof said...

good luck madhie :)

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