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12 May 2011

onE piEce!! :D

assalamualaikum all bloggers n readers~~..
actualyy s0 b0red right n0w...
raining outside there...

wat im d0ing right now??? just online n eat a bar of ch0c0late~ ^_^
haii,,,gem0k lah nty~

okayh,,,do u kn0w?--->> ONE PIECE!!??
haha....siaran KANAK2

actually,,dah macm berminat lah plak citer nie..
sebabnyer,,,tepat 7pm,, my 2 little br0thers mesty akn tuka chanel 611.
haiyyaa~ geram t0l!~
perang mulut la jugak~ saje je gad0 ngn deme..mang xde k0je..

~waktu die0rang kecik2~

s0,,teng0k je lah cite kartun tu pon~
bile teng0k,,,eh,c0mel lah plak lukisan kartun uh~ not s0 bad,,,:DD
n menarik jugak jalan cite nyer~ besstttt!!!!

haha,,,finally,, terSANGKUT gak ngn cite nih~ AWES0ME~  ^_^

okayh,,thats all... tahnk u~ hehe :DD
cubelah t0nt0n~ :)
miss blog~

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