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08 May 2011

FoR mY mOm----->> Wan Rabitah bt Wan Mohd Saman.. ^_^

how are u t0day,m0m?..
thanx a l0t for preparing our breakfast t0day!~ yummy!~
very delici0us!!

m0m,,,as we know that,,today is MOTHER'S DAY...
but m0m,,im not really agree with that...

actually,,f0r me,,,""EVERYDAY IS MOTHER'S DAY"" !~ ^_^

u are everything in my life...u are such a superb m0m!!~
i l0ve u m0m ~! i always pray for b0th of my parents...
hope that we will t0gether in JANNAH~

m0m,,this is for u ~

M0m,u are a w0nderful m0ther,
So gentle,yet s0 str0ng.
The many ways u show ur care,
Always make me feel i bel0ng....

U are patient when im f00lish,
U give guidance when i ask.
It seems u can d0 m0st anyting.
U are the master 0f every task....

U are a dependable source of c0mf0rt,
U are my cushi0n when I fall.
U help in times 0f tr0uble,
U supp0rt me whenever i call....

I l0ve u More than u know,
U have my t0tal respect.
If i had ch0ice 0f mothers,
U would be the One i w0uld select !

miss blog~

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